Accounting Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship

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If we talk of the most in-demand jobs in Canada right now, you will be sure to see Accounting in the list. The job is very lucrative and being one of the workers in the accounting field in Canada, you would earn enough money to support your family. Also, the government of the financial companies is quite proud of looking after its accounting employees while living a fantastic quality of life.

You will fully know that a qualification in the financial sector is worth its weight in gold if you’re already in the Financial industry. As an accountant, this article will be very helpful, as it will highlight the top accounting jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship. This information will update you on the reasons you should have an accounting career and work in Canada.

Moreover, not only will you be at the vanguard of the Canadian employment market, but accountants are constantly in demand, which means that job security in Canada is a priority for you.

Visa Sponsorship Accounting Jobs in Canada

There are a few accounting jobs in Canada that accept visa sponsorship. These are one of the most in-demand jobs by foreigners and international workers to Canada. On the off chance that you’re one of those people, then this article will be very helpful as the following paragraph will cover all the available sponsored visa accounting jobs in the North American country.

Accountant NOC Group: Financial Auditors and Accountants

NOC group is in search of a financial auditor and an accountant. The Junior Accountant is responsible for all aspects of the accounting cycle, including daily transactions recording, preparedness of financial statements, cash flow, and financial assistance, and analysis.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the accounting system has current information about the renter
  • Generate income (lease roll) monthly and create various levies if necessary.
  • Payments received recorded and bank deposits prepared
  • A report in due time and precisely account accounts payable in Sage
  • Process payments for sellers in accordance with company directives
  • Record your purchases of credit cards in a timely manner and make monthly reconciliations
  • Carry out the department’s administrative tasks (i.e. mail opening, scanning and filing invoices… etc.)

Skills & Qualifications:

  • With 1-3 years of accounting expertise, ownership is an asset.
  • Registered with CPA PEP or finished post-secondary education in Timberline accounting or business experience (Sage 300 CRE) is an asset.
  • Microsoft Office apps are experts with advanced skills to player mindset in Excel, taking into account the broad picture and total company success.
  • Ability to work and fulfill deadlines in a fast-running workplace

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Sales Account Manager – Uline, Vancouver, BC

You utilize your selling talents as an outside sales account manager at Uline to help our clients achieve their business objectives with products that you are happy to offer.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage and develop accounts act as a sales account manager in a single external sales zone. This includes an extensive, pre-existing client base.
  • To offer products to small and large enterprises, use our large inventory of 38, 500 articles.
  • Use your external sales knowledge to build new and intriguing company relations.
  • Understand the requirements of each consumer to offer real, efficient solutions.
  • Outstanding customer s delivery

Minimum Requirements:

  • At least the applicant should possess a Bachelor’s degree.
  • 3+ years of experience outside Sales Sales Manager / Account Manager.
  • A valid license for a driver.
  • Outstanding driving record.
  • Fitness to prosper in a stimulating, dynamic working environment.
  • Detailed and difficult to work
  • Excellent communication, problem-solving, and presenting capabilities are necessary.

Note: The position will not be dealt with for applicants requiring visa sponsorship. This implies that those applying with visa sponsorship may not be considered for this job.

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Sales Manager Assistant – Sherwin-Williams, Drummondville, Quebec.

Sherwin-Williams is looking for a sales manager assistant for their firm. The company appreciates unique talents and skills in every field and feature. All skilled persons, including disabled persons and protected veterans, are urged to apply for this position.

You might be on the Sherwin-Williams’ Team if you have all you need to be a problem solver, marketer, system analyst, creative problem solver, strategist, and a leader in the whole pack.

The Program is intended to give you all the skills you need to create a successful career in management and/or outside sales.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Must be given a valid driver’s permit.
  • Must legally be permitted to work in an employment country without employment visa sponsorship.
  • Material from shelves and floor stacks must be recovered, raised, and transported up to 50 lbs.
  • Therefore, you must have a good color perception if you can tint the paint.
  • You need the ability to run a computer and to telephone.
  • Diploma of high school or similar certification (e.g. GED).

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Degree in business and/or marketing, preferably in an association.
  • Previous sales or customer service work experience.
  • Readiness to move for advertising purposes.
  • It is an additional benefit to bilingual skills.

How Much Do Accountants Earn in Canada?

‘What can I earn in Canada as an accountant?’ A lot of intending applicants often come up with this kind of question.

In Canada, the average pay for accountants is $57.500 dollars a year, or $29.49 dollars an hour. Entry levels start at $33,327 dollars a year, while the majority of skilled workers are up to 87,500 dollars annually.

That would give the worker or employee a chance to make a reasonable standard of living for themselves, and this is superb pay in Canada.


Accounting is a remunerative business that is in-demanding. A lot of professional accountants in Canada are earning a good sum of money, while others are still faring well. The business environment in the North American country is favorable for accounting and a lot of jobs are available there.

If you were looking for accounting jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship, then these ones highlighted in this article are a good pick, especially for foreign workers.

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