Most Affordable MBA Colleges in Canada

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. This is a postgraduate degree for students who get trained in the areas of business management and administration.

An MBA is a very popular Master’s degree option among business post-graduate students. It is usually oriented towards practical training. MBA first started in the early 1900s in the United States and since then, it has become a standardized Master’s degree option among students that venture into the field.

MBA usually covers areas under business such as accounting, finance, business administration, business statistics and much more. Apart from being a postgraduate degree, it is also a professional degree.

All over the world, the average duration for MBA is usually between 1-2 years for a full-time program.

MBA Colleges in Canada

MBA in Canada is a highly respected program as well. There is a good number of top universities and business schools in Canada that you can enroll at for your MBA. Did you know that, up to 6 out of Canada’s MBA programs rank among top 100 MBA programs in the world?

Affordable MBA colleges In Canada

Well, this is according to the QS Top Universities ranking of 2018. So, this is enough assurance that when you enroll for your MBA in Canada, you will be signing up for world class education.

The top best MBA school in Canada currently is the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. This MBA school is then closely followed in rank by the Ivey Business School of Western University. Rotman School of Management is ranked 43rd in the world for best MBA program.

But, you are not looking for top business schools in Canada. You are looking for the most affordable MBA program options available in Canada. Truth is, these top schools we mentioned above, might be very costly to afford in terms of tuition.

But in this article, we bring you the best and most affordable MBA programs you can enroll at in Canada whether as a foreign student or a Canadian. Let’s check them out below.

1. Memorial University of Newfoundland MBA program

This institution offers a quality MBA program to post-graduate students in Canada. The tuition fees for a full-time program at Memorial University is $5,700 for MBA. This is very affordable compared to what the other top ranking MBA colleges charge for their tuition fees.

For the part-time MBA students at this university, an MBA program’s tuition fee is also $5,700. The duration for full-time MBA program at Memorial University is about 16 to 24 months. While the part-time program runs for 48 months.

You can visit to go to the Memorial University’s MBA page on the school’s website.

2. UQAM School of Management. (Université du Québec á Montréal)

This school of Management offers post-graduate students MBA programs to enroll for. The tuition at this Business school was about $3,600 for students from Quebec province. And $7,500 for students from outside Quebec province.

This tuition fee range is the same for their part-time program. The full-time MBA program lasts for about 20 months. The part-time program lasts for 48 months.

You can visit to go to the University’s website.

3. Université de Moncton

This school also offers MBA programs to graduate students who are qualified. The tuition at Universite de Moncton is $9,810 for the full-time MBA program. Although, the university’s website is written in French, you can use Google Translate to get the pages of their website translated.

Visit for more information on their website.

4. Université de Sherbrooke

This Canadian university also offers MBA program to qualified graduate students. The tuition for full-time at this business school is $5,500 for students from the province. Those not from the province will pay $11,000 for tuition.

Visit for more information, the school’s page is also written in French.

5. Université Laval

This university has the tuition for a full-time MBA program at $11,550. The MBA program is taught purely in English and there are requirements that students need to meet before they can be admitted.

Visit to visit the MBA page on the college’s website.

These 5 MBA colleges that we mentioned above, are some of the cheapest and most affordable MBA programs that you can get in Canada.

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