5 Easy Ways to Find A Job in Canada

Are you a foreigner just settling into Canada? Or are you planning to move to Canada soon? And because of this, you want to secure a job as soon as you get there. This is understandable. Canada is known all over the world as a very friendly country that accepts lots of foreigners.

Did you know that up to a quarter of Canada’s workforce is made up of foreigners? Also, Canada plans on bringing in hundreds of thousands of foreigners into their country to further boost their STEM sector as they particularly need more workers in the STEM fields (STEM means Science, Technical, Engineering and Mathematics).

Also, a lot of workers seem to be needed in social work and healthcare industries.

This means that if you know where to apply to and you take the right steps, you have a chance to find a Canadian job for you!

easy steps to find jobs In Canada

If you have the skills that the Canadian society is looking for, you will not search for long, you can also opt for the startup visa plan but you need a Canadian Angel Investor group to invest in your startup idea.

That aside, let’s look at easy ways to find jobs in Canada!

Easy Ways To Find A Job In Canada

1. Through networking

Frankly speaking, there are some jobs that one can only know/hear of just from speaking to people. As a newbie to to the Canadian job market, you need to make connections, make friends. People have been linking one another since time immemorial. Tell a friend to tell a friend that you are skilled in “whatever” and you need a job.

2. Do your research on the companies you want to apply to

Make a list of companies that probably need your skills or service. Visit their individual websites and see if they have any job postings. Contact your potential employers directly and pitch yourself to them.

3. Use Canadian job sites

There are a number of good Canadian job sites to intensify your job search on. One popular and topmost option we recommend is www.jobbank.gc.ca.

Did you know that Job Bank website has up to 2,000 new job postings every day? On the Job Bank website, you can break down your search into whichever job category you are looking for. You also get job alerts when new postings are made for your job/skill category. If you already live in Canada, you can check classified sections of newspapers to see if the job postings there are for you.

Another website to check is jobs.gc.ca which has specific employment postings for the Canadian Federal Public Service.

Workopolis at www.workopolis.com is also very helpful when searching for jobs based on your educational background and your work experience. These websites if harnessed well, are very helpful.

4. Know the type of jobs needed in Canada presently

You can know the hot job categories by just checking the job websites stated above and see which categories have the highest number of postings. You might have a higher chance at being employed when you have skills that fit into one of the most people-hungry categories. The job sectors in Canada where lots of people (skilled people) are needed is the Technology sector.

Although, generally, the rate of unemployment in Canada is very low, the demand for skilled workers in the tech industry is very high. Also, there is a lot of vacancy in the Science, Technical, Engineering and Mathematical fields if you could fit into these categories, and have the skills, you are likely to get a job.

5. Use the services of Employment Agencies and attend job fairs

You could use the service of employment agencies to help you with your job search. You can also visit the service canada website at www.servicecanada.gc.ca for help with government employment help and services.

Employment Agencies are available as they help foreigners get jobs. Try to work with them as they could be of immense help to you.

Also, job fairs are very helpful for you too if you recently arrived in Canada. If you are in Canada, do well to find a number of job fairs you can attend where you can meet up with lots of employers and talk about business and jobs with them. Job fairs are events organized where you can do a lot of connecting and linking up .

We hope with the 5 tips given above, you are able to find jobs in Canada very fast and easy.

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