Pros And Cons Of Living In Canada

Among foreigners that are looking to emigrate out of their countries to better climes, Canada is often a consideration. Why? Because words have gone out into the world about the beauty of living in Canada. And not to flatter but, Canada is indeed a great country to live in.

It was when the English and the French explorers started exploring areas of North America that they colonized the present-day Canada. This was around the period of late 1500s. Canada, modern Canada is presently made up of 10 provinces.

Canada is also a very large country when it comes to land mass size. In this article, we will be talking about the pros and cons, the advantages and disadvantages of settling down to live in Canada.

Pros of Living in Canada

1. Canada has four unique seasons and you get to experience it all

The four climate seasons in Canada are Winter, Autumn/Fall, Summer and Spring. If you are from a country where you have two seasons, living in Canada affords you the opportunity to experience other types of seasons.

Pros And Cons Of Living In Canada

Summer, though it could be hot, makes the environment so beautiful and sunny. Fall could bring in very cold winds to the Canadian country, Winter could be very freezing but the snow is very beautiful and cool to witness.

You could play some cool winter sports in the snow. While the season of Spring could bring the rains. But it is also the season when the flowers bloom and brighten the country. These four seasons make Canada very beautiful to live in and experience.

2. Canada’s economy keeps growing larger and larger

Canada’s economy is the 10th largest in the whole world in case you didn’t know. The main big sectors in the Canadian economy are the Service sector, the oil sector and the agricultural sector. In the Canadian big cities, the law sector as well as the banking sectors are thriving.

Canada has so many thriving sectors and industries and this means that there will be a good number of job options available for you in Canada. If you will be going to Canada in search of work, you should settle down in a city that has enough job options for your skills/qualifications.

3. Canada’s healthcare system and options is so good

Canada has universal healthcare which means that seeing a doctor is free! Emergency healthcare in Canada is also free. Although there are other medical care services that are not covered by the Canadian universal healthcare system, like the dentists’, optometrists’ and therapists’ fees. In Canada, most employers provide their employees with healthcare benefits. These healthcare benefits might differ depending on the province you are in.

Cons Of Living in Canada

1. Canada can get very cold

Although it rarely snows in places like Vancouver and Toronto, the temperatures during winter in these places average around 0-5C. Montreal and Prairies have very bad winters. The snow could get higher than cars in Montreal.

In places like Calgary, they get snow even in August. So, if you plan on living in Canada, you’d better stock your wardrobe with warm and thick clothes.

Also, in some places in Canada, the storm gets so bad that there are power outages. So, you might even want to invest in a generator depending on how cold the region you settle in gets.

2. There are healthcare disadvantages in Canada too

Especially if you live in rural parts of Canada. This is because the money allocated for healthcare might not be able to reach everyone.

So, usually there are just one or two healthcare providers in rural places in Canada. You can always fly out of the community to more urban places in Canada for healthcare but there are usually delays. Many times, patients have to wait for very long time before they are attended to.

3. Government rules sometimes clash with residents’ daily lives

Many Canadian residents wish that there were not so many government rules for them to follow. Government could decide how much fats would be in a restaurant meal etc. If you like to follow rules, this might not be a problem. But if you are a “pro-choice” kind of person, you might find the whole thing stifling.

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