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Assuming you need to function as a foreign worker in Canada, you’ll need an LMIA to finish your work visa application.

Regardless, by far, most candidates have no clue about what an LMIA is or how it can weaken their ability to get work in a North American country like Canada. In the event that you would prefer not to fall into this class, read on for a list of the most in-demand LMIA jobs in Canada this year.

What is LMIA?

What’s LMIA, precisely? You’ve unquestionably heard about the expression “LMIA,” which means “Labor Market Impact Assessment,” in case you’re pondering working in Canada.

A Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a report given to companies who can show that they have been unable to fill their available positions with Canadian residents or qualified occupants. An LMIA empowers Canadian companies to draw in both skilled and talented foreign workers, as long as they are likewise qualified for a work license and may enter the country.

Rundown of Top 10 LMIA Jobs in Canada

Here are the top 10 most in-demand LMIA positions in Canada at this moment.


Both caregiver and childcare experts are presently permitted to live and work in Canada under the new Caregiver Program. They are qualified on the off chance that they meet the fundamental educational necessities and have a legitimate work offer in the country.

Subsequent to working in Canada for two years, you will be qualified to apply for permanent residency.

A Caregiver’s normal yearly pay in Canada goes from $31,955 to $58,000.

Farm Supervisor

There’s no doubt that Canada’s agricultural sector is developing, especially in animals, grain, agriculture, and hydroponics. The business utilizes roughly 2.3 million individuals in Canada, and it is in basic need of new workers. This is one reason why there are so many devoted movements and workstreams for qualified agrarian representatives. LMIA is accepting applications for this post.

In Canada, the average pay for a Farm Supervisor goes from $35,939 to $49,286.



In Canada’s medical sector, experienced and skilled healthcare staff have long been in short supply. Albeit enrolled medical attendants are sought after in Canada, medical professionals and Nurses are high on the list.

As a nurse, you have the alternative of working for the government or for a private medical care center, the two of which enjoy incredible benefits.

Functioning as a medical caretaker in Canada has a side advantage: on the off chance that you went to a DLI in Canada and have a Canadian understudy loan, you might be qualified for up to $20,000 in credit pardoning more than five years.

In Canada, medical attendants procure an average salary of $80,126 to $94,322.


The country’s transportation industry depends vigorously on its transportation framework. Given this current, it’s nothing unexpected that transporters are one of the most popular LMIA jobs in Canada today.

An LMIA is habitually needed to procure a work license for the transporter business. Be that as it may, because of a critical absence of laborers in certain significant ventures, the Canadian government has briefly permitted companies to recruit individuals who don’t have an LMIA.

A transporter in Canada might hope to make somewhere in the range of $45,825 and $77,903 each year.

Computer Programmers

IT occupations will consistently be sought after in Canada. The country’s tech area utilized simply under 1,000,000 individuals, with urban communities including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa positioning among the top 20 global areas for rising tech ability.

The advanced work market is overwhelmed by man-made brainpower (AI), network protection, and, obviously, programming improvement, which is the reason your work as a software engineer is so indispensable in Canada.

In Canada, the normal compensation for computer programmers goes from $75,596 to $102,000.


Project Managers

Development openings can be discovered all around Canada, however are especially copious in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

New improvements are generally found in the development area as Canada plans to have 1.23 million workers who will be welcome to look for long-lasting status by 2023.

Project managers in Canada make an average salary of $92,240 to $142,000 each year.

Oil and Gas Drillers

Canada has the fourth-biggest oil reserves on the planet, and its mining industry utilizes more than 1.7 million Canadians, permanent residents, and talented foreign laborers.

In Ontario and British Columbia, oil and gas drillers are popular. Subsequently, you won’t be needed to acquire a work visa since you will be allowed super durable residency.

Drillers of oil and gas make somewhere in the range of $67,394 and $103,594 each year in Canada.


The power sector in Canada requires an assorted labor force, with Electrical Engineers assuming the main part.

Electrical technicians are sought after in Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories, and Yukon, among different locales. You might be qualified to get a long-lasting residency in Canada through a few government programs.

In Canada, the average Electrical Engineer pay goes from $66,300 to $84,088.

Civil Engineers

One more field in which Canada is in serious need is Civil engineering, which involves structural designing. You can acquire serious pay with this job, yet you can likewise partake in the significant degree of living that Canadians appreciate.

Your children will appreciate free access to the web.

The normal compensation for a structural specialist in Canada is $66,843 to $102,000.

Web Designers

Not exclusively are website specialists sought after in Canada, yet their interest is relied upon to ascend in the coming years. Canada has recognized the requirement for qualified technologists and has given various occupation prospects.

Website designers specialists in Canada make a normal salary of $80,126 to $94,322.


As per these popular LMIA jobs in Canada, this is the case you have to look out for. Shockingly, a few of these positions don’t need some qualifications and requirements to work in the North American country.


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