Documents Required To Prove Funding For Student VISA

When applying for student Visa which is also called study permit for students, there are necessary documents to submit and you also need to prove that you have the available funds to finance your living in Canada and also to cover your tuition fees.

During the process of obtaining or securing your Canada study permit, you will be asked for proof of funds.

The question is, “what documents are required to prove funding?”

These Are The Documents Required To Prove Funding For Student VISA

We list those documents below;

1. A payment proof that you have made your payment for your tuition and housing.

2. A proof of scholarship funding paid from inside Canada or funding from a Canadian educational program.

3. You can prove funding with a bank draft that is convertible to Canadian dollars.

4. You can also prove funding with your student loan/educational loan from a recognized bank.

5. You can prove funding by submitting your bank statements for the past four months.

6. You can also tender a letter from the person financing your schooling.

7. You can also use the GIC that is, Guaranteed Investment Certificate from a bank in Canada.

After you have sorted the method of proof that suits you, you also need to have minimum amount of living expenses. There are compulsory minimum amounts for living (asides from tuition) depending on the province where you will be schooling. That of Quebec province is higher than that of other provinces.

For funds required within Quebec province

– For funds required in a year in addition to the tuition fees, for yourself only, you should have $11,000.

– If you have a family member that will join you in the school and they are above 18, they need $5,100 (tuition included).

For more information on funding of living expenses in Quebec province, you can visit the official Canada immigration website.

For funds required outside Quebec for living expenses

– when funding yourself only, the minimum amount to have (in addition to tuition) is $10,000 a year.

Above, we highlighted the seven possible documents that you could use to prove fundings for study permits, tuition and living expenses. Tendering of documents that prove that you are financially capable to sustain yourself throughout your stay in Canada.

You don’t need to obtain a Canadian student visa if your program lasts for only six months or less. Otherwise, if you will study for more than six months, you need a student visa.

Also, you might be asked to show that you have funds for transportation to go back home when it’s time. This article was just to enlighten you on the documents to prove financial funding that you could use. You could use any of the suggested seven documents listed earlier in this article, to prove funding.

They are the acceptable document formats accepted by the Canadian immigration agency. So, you should work on getting on anyone that is easiest to access for you.

In conclusion, it is expected that this article has enlightened you on what documents to acquire/get to show your proof of financial funding.

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