5 Actionable Steps To Increase Your Chance Of Getting A Job In Canada

If you are a foreigner just making the big move to relocate to Canada or you are already in the Maple leaf and Hockey playing country, you might be wondering if it is possible to get a job in Canada as an immigrant.

Don’t worry, as this is very possible. By following the right steps, and taking actionable steps, you will definitely be able to land a new job as a foreigner in Canada.

You just have to keep being determined and focused and soon you will reach your goal.

Want To Increase Your Chance Of Getting A Job In Canada?

Below, we outlined a number of actionable steps that you can take to get a job or jobs in Canada as a new immigrant.

Do check them out;

1. Your Resume (also called “CV”) is your first line of action

Do you know that Canada has its own set of Resume guidelines that job applicants must follow when writing their resumes? You can simply do a quick web search of a “Standard Resume Format” in Canada and download some of the samples.

Follow the formats used in the samples to write your own resume. Employers in Canada want a Canadian Format Resume and nothing short of that. If your Resume is poorly organised, written and edited, you might be setting yourself up for disappointments.

Your Resume should list your personal achievements in it. You are not to list your job duties in the Resume. Your Resume is the first impression that your employer has of you. Make sure that you leave a very positive first impression by following all the simple guidelines to write a correct format of Canadian Resume.

2. Be selective about the companies you apply to

It is not advisable to bombard up to 45 companies in Canada at once with your Resume and CV. Why? Words do get around and the managers of the individual companies speak to each other, perhaps?

You should tender your Resume selectively. Do not respond to every job Ad that you see online as that is not very effective.

Be on the lookout for companies that truly need your skills and submit your Resume and cover letter to them. Also, attending informational interviews, Networking in your industry and cold calling are more effective ways to drop your CV/ Resume to Canadian companies.

3. Be the Applicant with the best of behavior and who does consistent follow-ups

Do you have the company’s contact details? Be sure that you do have them. Because after a few days to a week of you submitting your Resume, you should do a follow up with the company or companies.

Even, after the interview, you can send a simple “Thank you for the Interview” email to the companies. What does this help to achieve? It distinguishes you from other job applicants. This way you show your unwavering interest in the job and keep the company from forgetting about you.

4. Get Strong References and endorsements

Try to get well written and stamped reference letters from your previous employers that you worked for whether in Canada or your home country. Also, the former employment position must be related to the present job position you are applying for in some ways. If you have strong endorsements, it will be easier to get a Canadian employer to hire you.

5. Engage in what we call, “Effective Professional Networking”

Did you know there is something called the “Hidden Job Market“? It is a common phenomenon everywhere in the world. Not only in Canada.

There are many Canadian jobs that might not be posted online on job sites. It is not until you get out here and mingle with people in your field before you can get into the “hidden market”.

When looking for a job desperately, it is not advisable to stay home and apply online only. Job fairs are organised in Canada regularly, attend one of them or a number of them.

In job fairs you get to meet employers and professionals in your field and exchange contacts with them. You never can tell, you can even land a job right there.

The point of it is to make your name known very well in your industry there in Canada. So that whenever any job position comes up, the industry employers can call you for the job. The effect of Social and Professional Networking cannot be overestimated.

Good luck in getting the jobs you deserve in Canada.

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