6 High Paying Jobs In Canada Without Need For A Degree

It’s often believed that to get a good job, you need to go to school first, get a degree, practice for a few years to build up your Curriculum Vitae and thereafter, apply for a good position in a good company.

Now, while that’s true, it’s not foolproof. At least, not anymore.

Times have changed and these procedures no longer applies. What matters now, is your zeal. Your determination towards earning good.

As a matter of fact, in the world that we currently live in, you may attend a good school, get a good degree and still not get a good job. Another person may not have gotten a good degree but will be earning a much better salary compared to the person who did.

high paying jobs in Canada

Look around you. Is this true or false?

When it comes to getting a Job in Canada, things aren’t exactly different. Don’t get me wrong. It’s important you still go to school and get a good degree, but what’s more important is pursuing to be better at whatever you do.

The world is fast moving into an era where people are paid for what they know and can do, NOT what they went to school for.

Hence, if for some reason, you do not have a degree, there are still some jobs you can do that pays well.

Highest Paying Jobs In Canada Without Degree

In this post, we will be looking at a few of the highest paying jobs in Canada that does not require degree.

So if you happen not to have a degree, you should consider looking into this information properly.

1. Sound Engineering Technician

You have a skill in sound engineering? You are in luck. It’s being said that sound engineering technicians in Canada earn an annual average salary or $53,000. And no, you don’t need a degree to do this job.

2. Sales Representative

Sales Representatives in Canada are said to earn an annual average salary or $58,500. While this job doesn’t require a degree, it requires being able to converse properly in English/French and good marketing skills.

3. Real Estate Agents

People go to school to learn real estate. However, you’ve probably seen cases of people being in the business without college degrees.

Real Estate business is more of who you know, then what you know. You just need to know how to convince prospective buyers to buy properties and that’s it. Real estate agents in Canada earn an annual average income of $58,000. In some other countries, payments are based on commissions from properties sold.

4. Electricians

Have a bit of an electrical problem? You need an electrician. You need to wire up your new apartment? You need an electrician. You need to wire up your church, school, company whatever? You need an electrician. You see where I’m going with this?

Electricians in Canada are said to earn on average, an annual salary of $55,190. And yes, you don’t need a degree in this. You only need a skill.

5. Website Developers

The future is technology. Technology is gradually taking over the world and as such, almost every business is going digital. That means, every business wants to be found on the internet.

Website developers can make that happen and considering how business will need and continue to see the need to be online, website developers are often needed. Website Developers earn an average of $66,000 annually in Canada.

6. App Developers

Still in the IT department, most business not only require websites, but apps too. Most people tend to use apps for their day to day shopping, quick information and what have you.

Rather than having to type an address on their phone, they can just launch an app. Hence, app developers will always be in need considering the digital age we are in.

App developers earn well in Canada and no, you don’t exactly need a degree to be able to build apps.


While there are a lot more High paying jobs in Canada that doesn’t need a degree, we will be stopping here for now.

And, while indeed, you do not need a degree to earn high income, you definitely need a skill. You need a skill to do all or any of the jobs mentioned above.

Hence, if you cannot pursue getting a degree, pursue getting a skill.

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