Canada Student VISA: How To Apply

Year in year out, the dream of most students of the 21st century is how to study abroad for greener pasture. There are different countries that most young people want to go to study, but most people believe Canada to be the most sought after.

Canada is known for being an amazing place not only to live, but also to study in and that’s thanks for the opportunities abound in the country.

In-order to study in Canada you need a Canada study permit only if what you want to study is less than one year.

Furthermore, it is important that you get a study permit before you travel to Canada because in-order to change to another program would be hectic.if you acquire the Canada resident permit once it expires while you are there it is easily renewed.

There are mainly two ways to apply for the study permit, application online or by physical paper application.

It’s advisable to apply online though because it’s faster and less time conserving. When applying online, a debit/credit card is required. You also need scanned copies of your documents. Your country’s immigration office will equip you with the documents necessary because every country has different requirements.

How To Obtain Canada student visa

Step 1:The most important thing to do to get a Canadian student visa, is to get a formal letter of acceptance from any prestigious institution in Canada.

step 2: After the above step has been done, next is to get a Canadian student visa application package. More information is available on the website. Alternatively, you can go to a Canadian embassy in your country to apply. Again, applying online could be less stressful.

Step 3: Your bio-data would be asked on the cic website. They will allow you know if you are eligible or not. These questions have to be answered correctly.

Step 4: When the results of the questions are out and you are found eligible a personal checklist code valid for 60 days would be given to you. The code is required for the submission of the application.

Make sure you have a copy of the part containing the code because it would be used for reference. The page contains the tuition fee to be paid, application guide and list of important documents to submit.

Step 5: When you are prepared to apply an MYCIC account is to be created, that is where the code supplied to you in step 4 will be entered. Your personal checklist document which would enable you to upload and send documents to cic will be received.

Step 6: Here, the application is submitted to CIC, BUT before submitting cross check that all documents are ready and school fees paid, then you can submit.

step 7: Seldomly ,applicants can be invited at the visa office in their country for interview.

I hope the information here has helped you with the right steps to follow in order to get your Canada student Visa. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask using the comment session.

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