How To Apply For Canada’s Temporary Residence

Temporary Residence means that you want to visit Canada for a temporary period of time. A Temporary Residence Visa is also called a Visitor’s visa.

The TRV (Temporary Residence Visa) is usually placed in the person’s passport to show that they have been approved to stay in Canada as a temporary resident.

In this article, we will be looking at a detailed explanation of how you can apply for temporary residence in Canada, when you are outside of Canada.

How To Apply For Canada's Temporary Residence

First of all who is a visitor?

A visitor is any person who is not a citizen of Canada or does not have permanent residency but is legally authorised to enter Canada whether for vacation purposes, to visit their family in Canada or for business purposes.

Requirements you must meet to apply for permanent residence

The officer-in-charge must see that you meet the requirements of IRTA (that is Immigration and Refugee Protection Act) and the IRPR that is, (Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations).

You must also show that;

  • You will leave at the end of your temporary stay
  • You have sufficient money to sustain yourself and accompanying family for the duration of your stay and that you have money to go back home.
  • You must also show that you don’t pose a risk to Canada’s security.
  • That you have no past criminal record
  • That you are in good health

It is important that all family members coming with you fill their own application forms.

You can either submit your application online or at a VAC (Visa application centre)

Steps required in application for temporary residence in Canada

1. Gather all the documents required

You should check the document checklist to see all the documents you need to gather. The document checklist is available on Depending on the country you are applying from, additional documents may be required at some visa offices. Application processing time could be delayed if you fail to provide all the necessary documents.

2. You should complete all the forms fill them out and submit them

Make sure that you complete all sections on the forms. You should also make sure that you don’t give fake or false information of any kind on the forms. Any incomplete application could lead to delay in processing of application or outright rejection. The questions you will be asked will range from personal details, to language, to passport questions, educational background and more.

3. After submitting the forms, you will need to pay the fees

If you will need to do biometrics, then you will need to pay the biometrics fee. Then there is the application processing fee which is compulsory. Usually, the processing fee for visitor visa for one person is $100CAN.

If a family is accompanying you, the fee is way more than that of the single person. If you will do biometrics, the biometrics fee for one person is $85CAN.

It is important to note that the fees for your application could change at any time. So the figures stated in this article are not fixed. Also, once the fees have been paid, there are no refunds.

Also, in order to pay the fees for your application, you will need an email address, the means to a printer and a functioning credit card or Canadian card. You can visit for more information. Also, all temporary residence applicants must have a valid passport. The application forms are available on

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