You Want To Go To Canada? Apply For Canadian Express Entry

One of the fastest way to move to Canada is through Express Entry. Of course, there are number of ways or programs through which you can use in migrating to Canada. However, sometimes the fastest, especially in the case of not having too much money as an investor, express entry is often recommended.

Depending on the situation of things, most people applying for permanent residency in Canada submitted under express entry, will be processed in a period of 6 months or less.

In this post, we will be talking on Express entry, its importance and tips to successfully apply for the program.

Canada Express Entry

Now, let’s start from the beginning.

What Is Express Entry?

Express entry was implemented in January 2015. It’s a new immigration selection system aimed at managing and processing applications received through Canada’s Federal Economic immigration program. While it’s often known as Express Entry, it can also be termed “Canadian Express Entry program”.

The way it works is, the highest ranking candidates from the express entry pool are invited by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CAC) to apply for expedited Canadian Immigration.

In its ranking system, education, work experience, skills, language abilities and other vital factors are usually what’s considered in the ranking express entry profiles.

Candidates that receives an eligible job offer or provincial nomination are awarded a significant number of points. These points helps in increasing your chances of being able to move to Canada in the express entry score system.

As fascinating as this sounds, candidates who do not meet the program’s basic requirements will not be accepted into the system’s pool of Candidates.

How Express Entry Works?

While we’ve given insight on how the system works above, we’d have to make mention of the fact that the Canadian Government offers three federal economic immigration program. It’s important for the prospective candidate to be eligible under one of the following federal programs. In a case whereby the candidate isn’t following any of the federal programs, the candidate won’t qualify to enter the express entry pool.

The federal programs are;

  • The federal skilled workers class (FSWC)
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC)
  • And the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Confirm Eligibility

To be able to apply for Canadian Express Entry, you need to make sure you are eligible. There are a few questions you would answer to confirm if you meet the minimum requirement.

Just to be clear, there are three immigration programs under Express Entry. These have their own different requirements.

Basically, you will be asked questions in the following areas;

  • Age
  • Language Ability
  • Education
  • Family members
  • Nationality
  • Work Experience

Based on the answers provided, you will be notified whether or not, you are eligible for the express entry program.

Prepare Your Documents

You didn’t think you won’t be needing documents for this, did you?

Well, just as it is for most programs, there are documents needed for Canadian express entry program.

Documents needed includes language result test, and educational credential Assessment (ECA) through one of the designated agencies. This is to show that you are eligible for express entry program.

It’s important you have these documents before applying.

Submit Your Profile

Your express entry profile is basically what carries your detailed and accurate information. Your profile needs to stand out and needs to be detailed with accurate information.

Based on the information submitted, your profile earn scores and as mentioned earlier, Canadian Express entry pool used a point-based system.

If you meet the required points, you will be put in a pool of Candidates for immigration and you may be invited to apply if you meet the requirements.

There you have it. That’s all you need to know about Canada Express entry program.

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