How To Start Working In Canada – The Beginner’s Guide

Canada is considered the new haven for immigrants. Many foreign job seekers, students and refugees look to this country for its welcoming atmosphere, serene environment, and wide opportunities.

To many foreign immigrants, Canada is a land of opportunities. It is common knowledge that the Canadian government takes the issue of job creation seriously.

The population of immigrants in Canada has increased so vastly since the onset of the 2000s. Also, Canada is actively taking steps to bring in more skilled immigrants into their country by putting the right measures in place.

So, if you have the type of skills that Canada is looking for, you will be able to fit in smoothly into available vacancies and start working. Canada is definitely taking in plenty of skilled workers from other countries, so you have a huge chance.

How To Start Working In Canada

In this article, we will be looking at a step by step process on how you can start working in Canada as an immigrant.

How To Start Working In Canada

Come with us, will you?

1. First off, do you have a Visa?

A Visa is an official document that the government of a country gives out to foreigners to indicate that they can be in the country. So, if you are a foreigner that wants to work in Canada, the first step is getting a Visa and knowing which type of Visa is specifically for you.

Thereafter, go to the CIC website of Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) at to read extensively on the different types of Visas and thereby know which one is right for you. But many foreigners come in through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program Visa.

This Visa is usually applied for by the Canadian employer for the foreigner that is employed at the job and it is temporary.

Also, make sure that for whichever Visa program you choose, you apply as soon as possible. This is important so that the application process can commence right away. The application process for a Visa usually takes about 2 to 15 days to finish.

2. Make Your Resume Canadian Friendly and Look for Jobs Online

There is a style that Canadian employers expect to see in your resume, make sure you update your resume to reflect this. Make sure that you tailor your resume specifically for the field you are applying for.

  • Also, indicate the time you will be available to start working in Canada.
  • Make sure your qualification or trade is officially recognized in Canada.
  • Also, try to find jobs in Canada online. Although it is not compulsory that you find a job before you travel, depending on your Visa program, but it will be easier if you are able to land a job before arriving in Canada at all.
  • If you are coming into Canada through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program that we mentioned earlier, then you should pick a start date for your job with your employer. Ensure that this start date corresponds with your travel plans.

3. Check if your job requires a work permit

Visit the CIC website at to check their listings of job categories that require Work Permit and those that do not. A work Permit allows you to work in Canada. Not all jobs require it. So, be sure to check the website mentioned to verify if your profession needs it in Canada. If you can’t find your job at all whether on the “Doesn’t Need” or “Needs” list, then you should just go ahead and apply for it right there on the CIC website.

4. Make proper arrangements for how you will live when you get there

The CIC website can also help you with checking for available rental properties. Make sure the place you pick is affordable for you and take your time to search.

5. Apply for SIN when you arrive in Canada

SIN stands for Social Insurance Number. It is very important if you want to receive your income in Canada.

6. Start The Job

Finally, start your job if you have already found one. If you haven’t found, ask for referrals from family and friends. You never know! We also recommend reading:¬†Actionable Steps To Increase Your Chance Of Getting A Job In Canada.

When looking for a job in Canada, be consistent. Always follow up on your applications. You can follow up by giving the company a call after a week of the interview or sending a simple email.

Also, there are many Canadian job websites you can look into for job postings in your field. Once you have successfully landed a job, then you are good to go in Canada. Over time, you can apply for Citizenship or Permanent residency.

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