Best 11 Jobs In Canada For Immigrants

As a foreigner who is new to Canada, the one thing that you are probably without when you arrived in Canada was a job.

To land a Job takes time. You can’t just snap your fingers and expect to land a job. It is likely that you have received tons and tons of advice both from loved ones and from the Internet. Of course if you follow the guidelines already given to you on how you can go job hunting, in Canada to effectively land a job, then you are most likely to land a job.

But what we will be looking at extensively in this article is “Best job opportunities for immigrants new to Canada“.

We will list many of the various jobs that will benefit you greatly as a foreigner. The criteria for selecting these jobs listed is based on, “high-paying” criteria as well as “future employment prospects”.

Jobs In Demand In Canada for immigrants

So the careers listed below are not only well-paying currently, but they are also very lucrative in the long run.

Let’s take a look;

1. Physician or Doctor in Canada

With an average annual salary of up to 150,000 CAD a year, being a foreigner with the qualifications to be a doctor or physician is one of the fastest ways to land a job in Canada. This job is one of the highest in terms of salaries and if you are qualified, it’s a great option for you.

2. Nurse Practitioner

Another very good job that a foreigner that is qualified can apply for is to be a Nurse in Canada. With an average annual salary of up to 104,000 CAD per year, this is a top job option indeed.

3. Utilities Manager

An average Utilities Manager in Canada earns up to 114,000 CAD a year. If you have the necessary qualifications to be given the job as a foreigner, then you have in your hands one of the best job positions in Canada. Being a foreigner does not hinder. So far you are qualified.

4. Lawyer

Lawyers earn very well and have very lucrative careers in Canada. As a foreigner, this is one of the best Jobs for you as it offers enough security and has bright future prospects. The average annual salary for a lawyer in Canada is about 135,000 CAD per year. It is a good career for a foreigner.

5. Oil and Gas Driller or Miner

As a foreigner just getting the hang of Canada, this job is one of the best for you. The average annual salary for a Miner or Oil driller is 77,250 CAD a year. Apart from that fact, this job is very high paying, it has very good future prospects and has shown significant employment growth.

6. Dentist

The Dentist’s job is another good choice for you as a foreigner if you have the qualifications, the average annual net salary for dentists in Canada is 93,600 CAD per year. Dentists are highly sought after especially in the big cities and the future prospects I outlook for this career is very bright.

7. Public Administrator

This is another popular job of very high demand hence it is one of the best careers in Canada for you. The average annual salary for Public Administrator Director is 110,000 CAD per year. Public Administrators direct and organize the employees of an organization and more.

8. Engineering Project Manager

As an Engineering Project Manager you are in charge of the planning, overseeing and smooth execution of engineering projects. The average annual salary for this profession is about 106,000 CAD a year according to canadian A good career choice for you.

9. Power Systems Electrician

As a power electrician, your list of available jobs is very wide. The average yearly salary is about 86,000 CAD a year. Because of the ever rising demand for electricians in Canada, the bright future prospects and good salary, this career is a top option for you as a foreigner.

10. Software Engineers

If you have had enough experience in the Software Engineering field, then finding a job in the industry as a foreigner should not be hard. There are so many places available for you to work in as a software engineer from a bank to a hospital to a technology firm, and much more!

11. Accountant

The financial needs of a company can be met by an accountant through their services that they render. As an accountant, your skills translate easily and they are widely sought out everywhere in every industry because someone is needed to do the books.

So, if you are a foreign worker or a qualified immigrant, this job is a very good choice for you.

So, in this article, we looked at the best jobs out there in Canada that you could pick from. Many of these careers need the applicants to get trained at a higher institution to be qualified. If you have the necessary qualifications and you take the right steps, you’ll be good.

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  1. I want to travel Canada to live permanently and to seek jobs. I am lawyer in Ethiopia with my first degree know i am learning my second degree in law LLM in commercial and Investment law .i have also 13 years of experience as public prosecutor at different levels still naw i am very happy with this opportunity to travel Canada

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