How To Apply For British Chevening Scholarship To Study In UK

The British Chevening scholarship is a United Kingdom initiative scholarship aimed at international students getting the opportunity to study in the UK’s most prestigious universities. Students who gain the Chevening award also get to be a part of a community of professionals in their individual fields of study and are better equipped to create positive change worldwide.

Though the scholarship is an initiative of the UK’s government, it is funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) and other partner organizations.

The Chevening scholarship program offers two different types of awards to recipients. There are the Chevening Scholarships and the Chevening Fellowships. Many times, the picked applicants are selected by both the British embassies and the UK high commissions all around the globe.

Scholars from other countries experience the UK culture, get their education fully funded, and network on a global scale. The Chevening scholarships have been in existence since 1983. And over 50,000 scholars have benefited from the program over the years.

This article will give you detailed steps to apply for the British Chevening scholarship and other useful tips to have in mind during the application process.

How To Apply For British Chevening Scholarship

1. To apply, please visit the program website’s Apply page to get started.

On the Apply page, you will be presented with an option to Find Awards in your Country from a drop-down box. Select your country and also select your award. Then hit Search.

It is after selecting your country that you can go on to fill in the application. Applications for the year 2021 have started on August 3rd, 2021, and for most countries, applications will close by 2nd November 2021.

Once you have selected your country, it should be easier to fill in and submit your application. It is a very straightforward process.

Just below your country’s page, at the very bottom, is another APPLY button. Click on it. That is where your application process will begin.

After clicking that Apply button, you will be taken to a page to register for a Chevening account. If you already have an account, log in. Keep following the prompts till you have successfully submitted your application.

2. Your application to Chevening Scholarship should be something you really want. Because in filling the application, you will be asked questions to ascertain how clear you are about your goals.

Other Tips To Note

Other tips to follow while filling the application according to the Chevening website includes:

  • You should thoroughly check your grammar and make sure that you thoroughly formulate your sentences.
  • It is advised to use examples from your own life when addressing the essay questions. Merely mentioning that you have a particular skill is not enough. Rather they expect to hear concrete examples from you. Examples should also be from your experiences from your previous places of employment.
  • While discussing personal achievements, you are advised to use the pronoun “I” instead of “We.”
  • According to Chevening, do not use bullet points to highlight your past job responsibilities. Rather, use full sentences to explain your goals and past experiences as fully as possible.
  • Chevening would prefer if your past job experiences were somewhat linked to what you chose to study through the scholarship.

In conclusion, the most important traits the Chevening applicants should be mindful of are leadership skills, influencing skills, and relationship-building skills. There also has to be a clear correlation between how studying in a UK university will help you achieve your goals.

During the application process, you will be asked to showcase your leadership and influencing skills, your relationship-building skills, reasons why you want to study in the UK, and more. So, you have to prepare yourself ahead.

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