Is It Possible To Bring Your Family To The US From Canada?

If you curious to knowing whether or not it is possible to bring your family to the US from Canada, the simple answer is Yes, you can. However, the process can take a long time to complete.

If you are an immediate family member like a spouse, child, father or mother of the US citizen, the application processing can take a number of of months. But if you are not an immediate family member but a relative, it can take very many months to even up to ten years for complete application processing.

Process Involved In bringing a family from Canada To US

The citizen of the US who wants to sponsor or bring family has to petition for it and monitor the whole application process. Once the sponsor/US citizen has completed the petition and has submitted to the US IS, they will get a receipt sent to their mail once the USCIS has received the petition.

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This mail receipt is called Notice of Action I-797C. So, the sponsor is expected to use this number to track the process. The petition which the sponsor sent to the USCIS will only be fully processed until all the required information are received.

You will be given a visa number immediately once the petition has been approved and if you are an immediate family member. You do not need to wait for visa number at all. After receiving the visa number, you should go ahead to make an appointment at the US consulate in Canada for your Visa interview. For your Visa interview, you might need to go undergo some medical examinations before the interview.

Essential things to not forget while processing your migration

1. It is important to know that you have to stay with the company that employed you throughout the application processing period. If you applied for US residence as an employee, you cannot switch companies during the processing period lest you lose your rights to migrate.

2. Also whether you are moving as an individual or as a family, the process and application procedures take a lot of time and require a lot of paperwork, so you should have that in mind.

3. Your green card will expire after 10 years. If you desire permanent residence without having to renew every 10 years, you can go for US citizenship. To only applies after you have spent your first 10 years in the US.

4. There are a number of important criterias to be followed if you are moving to the US for family reasons. For example, a foreign family member can only be sponsored by a citizen of the US. Also, you must be able to show proof that you are related.

5. Some certain sets of people will not be allowed into the US regardless of whether they are family or not. E.g, if the said person has a communicable disease, has done terrorist acts before and more.

In conclusion, this guide was to help you have an idea of what it takes to move to the US from Canada. For more accurate information, visit to see detailed steps.

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