Canada PR Process: How It Works, Permanent Residency Requirements and How To Apply

PR stands for Permanent Residency. As such, Canada PR means Canada Permanent Residency. Many people from all over the world would love to migrate into Canada and some want the move to be permanent. If such an individual follows due process, it is possible to get Permanent Residency in Canada even as a foreigner.

In this article, we will be looking at the process of applying for Canadian permanent residency, the requirements for application and acceptance into the PR scheme and how the Canadian permanent residency works.

Let’s take a dive.

First off, who is a permanent resident in Canada?

Any foreigner who is not a Canadian citizen that immigrates into Canada and is granted permanent resident status is a PR. Anyone who is in Canada for a temporary period of time is definitely not a permanent resident.

How can one become a permanent resident in Canada?

There are 5 categories of immigration processes into Canada to be a permanent resident. All 5 categories are very legal methods.

1. Express Entry Method

Canada permanent residency, how to apply

The Express Entry immigration system was launched in 2015 by the Canadian government. It is an electronic immigration system that allows skilled immigrants the chance to permanent residence in Canada. The Express Entry electronic system will collect and manage the applications for permanent residence from skilled immigrants that apply. You can visit to find out where to get the Express Entry form and what it entails.

2. Through Business Immigration

Canada has a business immigration program that allows willing foreigners to do business in Canada or establish their business in Canada. The business visa is split into 4 categories which are;

i. The immigrants investor program

This business visa category allows permanent residence to both the investors and their families. And the Canadian government takes it seriously because these foreign investor immigrants have contributed hugely to the Canadian economy.

ii. The Entrepreneur Program

This immigration program gives all foreign entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain permanent residence within 2 years of living and doing business in Canada. Immigration officers are to monitor the business and there are criterias to be met to be accepted into this program. If successful after the 2 years period, the individual is granted permanent residency.

iii. The Self Employed Persons Program

This program is for two sets of immigrants;

1. Those who will purchase and manage a firm in Canada and,

2. Those who will establish or buy a business in Canada that will boost the economy or the overall artistic/cultural side of Canada.

iv. The Business PNP Program

Depending on the province, the requirements for PNP program varies. This business immigration program allows immigrants different investment options in Canada.

All of the above are Business Immigration methods and they all have requirements to be met and procedures to be followed. It is advised to visit for more official information.

3. Through the Family Class Sponsorship

If you have an immediate family member in Canada, they can sponsor you to become a permanent resident in Canada. But there are criterias and conditions for a Canadian citizen to be able to sponsor a foreigner to become a permanent resident. The Canadian government believes in keeping families together, so this is a great option.

Apart from these three main PR immigration methods given above, there are other options for gaining PR status in Canada like the Canadian Experience Class, the Provincial Nominee program etc.

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