7 Easy Ways To Migrate To Canada

Are you in another country and you wish to migrate to Canada? You might be wondering about the available options out there for you in your journey toward immigrating to Canada.

In this article, we will be looking extensively at seven of the easiest ways to migrate the Canada in this year and the years to come.

Here are a few immigration programs available for migrants like the “investor” immigration program which is for financially buoyant immigrants, the Express Entry immigration program which is for skilled workers, the Work Permit method and more.

easiest ways to immigrate to canada

We will look at all of them below.

Easiest Ways to Migrate To Canada

Although there are more than 7 ways to immigrate to Canada, we will pick the 7 easiest methods to discuss with you.

1. Study Permit

One of the easiest ways to Migrate to Canada is through Study Permit. Study Permit has to do with getting a permit to study in Canada. This is essentially for people looking to school or looking to continue their schooling in Canada.

Getting a study permit requires choosing your preferred school of study. Thereafter, applying to those universities in the hopes that you will be accepted. Upon receiving an acceptance letter, you can then apply for a study permit or a study visa.

You are probably aware that Canada is perhaps one of the best places to study in the world. Hence, if you are a student and looking to migrate to Canada, you should consider exploring this option. We recommend reading How To Get Visa Invitation Letter For Canada.

2. Visitor VISA

This is self-explanatory. Visitor’s VISA is another means to migrate or enter into Canada. And as the name implies, this method allows you visit Canada as a tourist. Basically, you can migrate to Canada as a Visitor, move around Canada for a stipulated amount of time. However, you cannot work with this VISA neither can you overstay the time the VISA allows.

But on the good side, you can take the time to network which can help you make necessary steps to finally migrate to Canada in the future. We recommend reading How To Get a Job in Canada In 5 Simple Steps.

3. Trade Agreements

Under the NAFTA, certain countries in North America are granted the privilege to migrate under special conditions into Canada. Apart from NAFTA, Canada possesses other trade agreements that allow some countries’ citizens special immigration privileges into Canada.

If you are from a North American country, you can take advantage of these trade agreements and migrate to Canada. Countries like Chile, Colombia, USA, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Jordan, Israel, Norway and more, can enjoy easy immigration into Canada.

It will be especially easy if you are migrating because of work contract with a Canadian company and you are from one of the countries listed above. The countries listed above are just a few of the many countries that have trade agreements with Canada.

4. Through Work Permit VISA

This is another easy option to immigrate into Canada. In order to get a work permit visa you need to find a Canadian employer who is hiring and be able to convince them that only you can do that particular job well. You can come into Canada as a Semi-skilled or Skilled individual.

The hard part might be finding the Canadian employer who is willing to hire you over Canadians in the country. Another problem is also how you can apply from outside Canada. It is advised to tell a permanent resident to help you in the job search so it is easier for you.

5. Business Immigration programs

If you are an entrepreneur, investor or you are self-employed, you can establish a business in Canada and employ Canadian citizens to work for you. Thereby boosting the economy of Canada and reducing unemployment. Self-employed people that are experienced in farming have an advantage.

If you are going for the Business immigration program as an option of migrating, there are certain requirements and criteria to be met. You must be willing to establish a business or buy an existing Canadian business. And you must be able to show that you’re financially capable to setup your own business in Canada.

6. Express Entry

Express entry is an online immigration program for skilled workers that wish to immigrate into Canada. It was launched in 2015 and allows admitted Skilled workers the chance to become even permanent residents. The Express Entry program only allows 3,000 people into Canada in a year.

Candidates that are skilled that apply are ranked against each other and the best skilled applicants are selected. Processing is also very fast for this immigration option.

7. Through the Provincial Nominee program

Also called PNP is the individual immigration program of all 13 provinces in Canada except Quebec province. Each province looks at where it is lacking in economic progress and selects immigrants that apply for PR based on if the candidate fits their needs. E.g, the province called Saskatchewan adjusted its PNP program to admit more foreign computer programmers.

Each province has eligibility requirements to its PNP program, so it’s best to check www.canada.ca website for more detailed information.

Whichever one of the methods given above that you pick, if you are lucky, you might be on your way to migrating to Canada.


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  1. If I will be giving opportunity to migrate to Canada I will be very happy bcs I am willing and ready to work and learn much from the country also try to learn and respect the laws of the land so that I will make different from what I was in the past

  2. I Am Stephen omonigho oji by name and I wish I can have the opportunity to work in Canada 🇨🇦 my dream country, I don’t have a helper and am a good painter by profession… God lead me to my helper

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