6 Things To Expect When Working In The USA

So, you have successfully moved to the US and you want to start job hunting? But both scenarios would cause anyone who hasn’t worked in the American environment before to want to know what to expect while working in the USA.

And truly, the USA society is unique in it’s own ways. Are there cultural norms one should be fully aware of? Are there specific things unique to the American environment? It’s normal to be curious.

In this article, we will let you in on the kinds of things to expect while you are working in the USA as an immigrant.

Things To Expect While Working in the USA

Let’s see them;

1. The Standard working hours to expect in USA

The traditional working period during the days from Monday to Friday is from 9am to 5pm. There is usually 30 minutes allocated for lunch period out of the eight hour work period.

Also, it is worth mentioning that workplaces are becoming increasingly flexible and allow their workers sometimes to set their own work schedules.

So, this means that workers work up to 40 hours every week and many Americans end up working even longer hours than that. This is because work typically does not end at work and even extends till workers reach home when they have to keep up with emails and work with deadlines.

This is even more common for workers that are rising up the career ladder.

2. The way Holidays go in the USA

The American holiday system is so unlike the European holiday system. How so? There are no set aside vacation leaves or parental leaves in the USA and the system leaves it up to the employers to provide leaves for employees.

Many new employees that are just starting out typically get 2 weeks of paid vacation in a year. And in order to get 4 full weeks of paid vacation leave, it can require that a worker works up to 10 years at the job.

It is also more surprising that many Americans don’t use up their vacation leaves or take all their vacation days. If you are not used to this type of holiday system, it might need some getting used to. But really, this is one huge thing to expect when working in the USA.

3. How do Salaries and Benefits go in the USA

Some companies offer their employees other job offers apart from the salaries. But the main job offer for many Americans is their salaries. Salary tends to get higher depending on the cost of living of the American city. But the minimum wage by the US government for all employees is $7.25 per hour.

Although, this minimum wage is higher in certain cities with high costs of living. Salaries for a lot of proffessions are not very constant and can vary greatly depending on the state one is located.

Depending on the size and wealth of the company you will work for in the USA, you might receive other job benefits like, covered health insurance, covered retirement plan, covered life insurance and more.

All these depend on the company and their package for their workers. Now, you should have a good idea of how the salary and benefits thing work in the USA, right?

4. Are jobs secure in the USA?

The level of job security for workers in the USA is not as high as those of other highly developed economies. There are less restrictions stopping companies from hiring and sacking employers at will. But what this means is less security for workers.

As with all things, some jobs in the USA have more security than the others. Examples of jobs with more security are psychologists, dentists, lawyers and so on.

5. Mode of dressing at work in the USA?

Overall in the USA, the mode of dressing is very informal than formal. Dressing stilt towards the informal side in the USA even on Mondays. It is best to stick to the dressing code prescribed by your workplace for workers.

6. How are Employees treated?

Diversity is welcome in the USA and you will likely be working with many other employers from different backgrounds. All workers are treated equally and employees are treated equally with work superiors. And generally, all opinions from all individuals at work are welcome in work settings and meetings.

Overall, employees are treated fairly in the US environment and inequality is the least thing you should expect while working in the USA.

In conclusion, the six points made above are things we think you should be aware of and expect while working in the USA. Overall, the USA is a good environment for new settlers to work in.

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