7 High Paying Jobs Of The Future

When planning one’s career, there are many factors to put into consideration. One important factor is Future Prospects for the job.

If the future outlook for a job is not very good, then it makes sense to get trained for a better career. This makes sense in order to secure one’s future as we are in rapidly changing times. “No one knows tomorrow” goes a popular saying. And indeed it is correct. But we can make calculated guesses at what tomorrow will likely be.

If you are still looking for a well paying career to settle in, then you might consider our list below very helpful to you.

Below, we will be giving you a listicle of seven jobs that are likely to pay very highly in the nearest future. These jobs have been analyzed as to how they have grown over the years, the current salary status of these jobs, how much popularity the job has now, and a host of other factors.

High paying jobs of the future

This list reflects the overall global prediction and it should be useful for you in your county as well.

High Paying Jobs Of The Future

Well, without much ado, let’s dive in!

1. Registered Nurse

In order to become a registered nurse, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. It is estimated that by 2028, there will be 483,000 new job postings for Registered Nurses. So, if you think you will do well in this field, then be sure to go for it.

This job has such a bright future, its current annual salary as of 2020 is about $78,000 on average. And the average annual salary is likely to increase over the years.

2. Executive Assistant

The work of an Executive assistant is to help the seniors in the company with the task of report preparation, scheduling meetings on the calendar, coordination of key projects in the company, problem solving etc.

Executive Assistants are expected to have strong Microsoft Office know-how, experience in managing office projects, intelligence and other soft skills. This job is expected to have high salary outlook from now till 2028 and it has a midpoint salary of $55,500.

3. Business Analyst

Business Analysts with one to three years experience can expect to earn between about $71,000 as midpoint salary. Previously, Business Analysts were not very demanded, but since the job has established itself as indispensable in the business industry, it has exploded over time.

Candidates should possess strong Project Management skills, experience and knowledge in data flow analysis and financial analysis etc.

Business Analysts are the joining glue between Business and IT. Away from what the midpoint salary says, Business Analyst jobs are expected to keep growing in demand in coming years in addition to steady salary rise as well.

4. Plumbers and Pipefitters

Though this job does not have much educational requirements, it is a vocational job that requires skills. And yes, it falls into the list of jobs projected to have high salaries in the future. It is projected that there will be up to 68,200 new job positions in this field. And as of 2019, this field had its average annual earnings at $55,160.

Usually, a high school diploma or its equivalent is all the educational requirement needed to start a career in this field. And of course, training to get plumbing skills.

5. Construction Managers

This job involves supervising, managing and coordinating work on construction sites. It has a bright future prospect and had an average annual earning of $95,260 in 2019. It is projected that up to 46,200 new job positions will emerge between 2019 and 2028. The minimum educational requirement usually needed is a Bachelor’s degree. It will be important to have skills relevant to this job as well.

6. Software Developers

Software Developers are in the money right now, and it is projected that their salaries will increase in the coming years. Since we are in the computer age, it only makes sense that this job will be in high demand. It is projected that up to 42,600 new job positions will be available between 2019 and 2028.

Usually, a Bachelor’s degree is needed and the current average annual earnings for Software Developers is $107,510.

7. Nurse Practitioners

A Masters degree is required to be a nurse practitioner. This job has a huge potential for both increase in number of job postings and salary earned. The current average annual salary is about $109,820 as of now. Projected new positions is about 53,000 from now to 2028.

In conclusion, above are seven jobs that are likely to pay very high in the coming years. Adjusting to any of the careers above would be a smart choice indeed.

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