Top 10 Immigration Friendly Countries You Should See

When we mean “immigration friendly” what we are insinuating in this article is, “which countries admit the highest numbers of immigrants, which countries have the highest influx of immigrants.”

There are a number of countries in the world that admit a large number of migrants and not all countries do that. So, if you’re looking at relocating or migrating out of your own country to another possibly better country, you might find our list of 10 immigration friendly countries very helpful.

The factor that was used to select these 10 countries is “highest accepted number of immigrants per country”.

Top 10 Immigration Friendly Countries

So, the first on our list has the highest rate of immigrants’ admission into the country while the 10th on our list has the lowest rate of the 10 countries listed below.

So, below are the best 10 immigration friendly countries in the world starting from the top.

We have;

1. United States of America

As of late 2019, the United States has the highest population of immigrants over 50 million people. And they are mainly from Mexico, India, China, Philippines, El Salvador etc. The US also has many established immigrant communities which give support to new immigrant people. There are also jobs available for immigrants in the US and the unemployment rate is at a 50 year low presently.

2. Saudi Arabia

According to the UN’s 2017 immigration report, there were 12.2 million immigrants living in Saudi Arabia at the time. And immigrants also make up 37% of Saudi Arabia’s population. Saudi Arabia is even ahead of Germany in terms of immigrant numbers. Although eligibility for work in Saudi Arabia must be in accordance with the Kafala system which means all foreign or immigrant workers must have a Saudi sponsor. Same thing applies to residency in Saudi Arabia.

3. Germany

Germany has an estimate of 12 million immigrants living in the country. A bulk of the immigrants come from post war countries located close to Germany. Germany’s borders are very open to immigrants although there have been recent backlash. Germany is very immigrant friendly.

4. Russia

Russia has an immigrant population of almost 12 million people. Most of the 12 million people are emigrating from neighboring countries that were part of the Soviet Union. Also, ethnic Russians from former Soviet Union countries are immigrating back. Most of Russia’s immigrant population are from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and so on.

5. United Kingdom

Immigrants’ population in the United Kingdom is up to 9.2 million people. Many citizens of the UK also emigrate out of the country, just as immigrants flock in. The immigrants come from a diverse group of countries. But countries like India, Poland, Pakistan, Ireland and Germany make up the vast majority of the immigrants in the United Kingdom.

6. United Arab Emirates

UAE has almost 8 million immigrants. UAE has the second largest economy among all the Arab nations just behind Saudi Arabia. The leaders of UAE have been trying successfully to position the country as a global hub for finance, trade and tourism. Most of the immigrants’ population are from India, Pakistan, Philipines and Bangladesh.

7. Canada

The population of immigrants in Canada is up to 7.9 million people. Canada has a deep culture and a very long history that is even linked to France in a way. A vast majority of the immigrants’ population to Canada comes from India, China, Philippines, UK and the USA.

8. France

The population of immigrants in France is up to 7.9 million just the same as that of Canada. France is also immigrant friendly and a large source of immigrants in France is from Portugal.

9. Australia

The population of immigrants in Australia is up to 7 million people. And Canada adopted their point based system of immigration after Australia to boost their economy.

10. Italy

Italy has an immigrant population of up to 5.9 million people. Same value with Spain. Italy is a country that many people love to travel to and is also very immigrant friendly. A majority of immigrants into Italy come from Romania, Monaco, Ecuador, UK, Colombia etc.

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