5 Best Part Time Jobs For International Students In Canada

One thing is being able to move to Canada and another is finding a Job in Canada.

If you’ve successfully moved to Canada or on the verge of doing so, congrats!

In this post, we will be looking at a few jobs you can take as a student. These jobs are flexible and as such, will give you time to focus on your studies while making money on the side.

Best part time jobs In Canada

In Canada and a few other countries, students are not allowed to take full time jobs. As such, they are only required to take part time jobs for a specific time frame. This is to aid them in not overwhelming themselves.

Having said that, let’s look at some of the best part time jobs you can do in Canada as a student.

1. BabySitting

How does babysitting sound to you? Weird? Well, it’s a Job and it can be lucrative too, depending on the Angle you choose to see it.

Babysitting as the name implies, requires you taking care of a kid or kids. It’s similar to the work description or a nanny except as a babysitter, the kid could be brought to your place instead of going over to the client’s place. Babysitters and nannies are often in High Demand in Canada and this is certainly a Job you can do part time.

2. Private Tutor

Private teachers or tutor is a more or less a norm in most homes. This is aimed at helping the child become better academically. Especially in a case whereby the child does better with private teachings as against the well formed classroom teaching.

Of course, this is a Job you can do on the side and may or may not interface with your normal school activities as long as the timing is right.

3. Dog Walker

You love does and like the concept of taking dogs for a walk? Well guess what?! Dog walking can be seen as a Job. As a matter of fact, it’s actually a Job.

Think of it as doing what you like while making money from it too. With this, you get to bond with more dogs while getting paid at it.

4. Marketing Jobs

Are you good at marketing? Getting people to buy products and the likes? Well, you can take up a marketing gig and make money from it.

The good thing with marketing jobs in most cases is, you can work on your own timing. What matters to the company or agent you are working with, is results. You can choose to work at what timing is right by you as long as you deliver results to whoever you are working for.

5. Sales Jobs

Sales jobs in this case, are kinda different from marketing Jobs. In this case, sales Jobs refers to you selling products or services at a particular spot. For example, working at Walmart, McDonalds, Super Store and the likes. While often at times, these jobs are somewhat full time, they work in shifts. As such, you can choose a shift that doesn’t disrupt your school activities.

6. App Development

Businesses and services are utilizing apps everyday and it ain’t stopping anytime soon. If you know how to code and build apps, you could take up app development gigs and make money off it.

Depending on the volume or clients you’ve got, this can be really lucrative as most people make a full time living from just building and developing apps. And no, you don’t necessarily have to be at a particular place to make this happen. You can build and develop apps from the comfort of your home.

There you have it, guys! Although these are obvious part time jobs you can take in Canada, there’s more. However, at this time, we’d be sticking with this.

Good luck with getting that job in Canada, friend!

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