How To Get A Job In Montréal in 6 Simple Steps

If you are looking to get a job in Montréal, you could be in luck. Montréal is a city in Canada. It is the second most populated city in Canada and the biggest in the province of Québec.

Now, that’s not what you should be excited about. What you should be excited about, asides Montréal being one of the most beautiful and exciting places in Canada, is the plenty of Job opportunities accessible in Québec’s biggest city, Montréal.

Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are steps to getting a Job there the right way.

To get started, let’s answer a well known question in relation to getting jobs in Montréal.

It It Hard To Get A Job In Montreal?

Difficulty in getting a Job in Montréal is quite tricky. With a total population of over 1.7 million people with 59% of its occupants speaking French and French being the official language of the province in Quèbec, it will be easier to get a job in Montreal if you are quite conversant and can communicate well in French.

However, not to set you off balance, most emigrants don’t exactly speak French fluently but they speak English. Montréal is a bilingual city as such, it is still possible to get a job in Montréal with being able to properly converse in English.

Having cleared that out of the way, let’s look at the easy steps to take to get a job in Montréal.

Steps To Get A Job In Montréal

As earlier mentioned, while it’s possible to get a job in Montréal even with being able to speak English properly, being able to converse in French does increase your chances.

However, below are some of the steps we’d advice you follow.

1. Understand Some French

Just to reiterate, while it is possible to still get a job in Montréal despite the language you know to be English, the jobs are limited compared to being able to converse in french.

To remove this limitation thus exposing you to more jobs, the first step would be understanding some French, if you can. The better you are in French, the better your chances of getting jobs in Montréal.

You could take physical classes on French, online classes work too. There’s also services like Google translate and translate on iPhone that can give you some heads start in understanding French.

2. Be Eligible To Work In Canada

Being able to converse in French is one, being able to work in Canada is another. Before you begin job hunting, it’s important you know if you are eligible to work in Canada or not.

If you plan on immigrating to Canada via express entry program, we recommend you check your eligibility for the program as a skilled worker.

3. Keep An Eye For Available Jobs

One step to getting a Job anywhere, is to be able to jobs. This isn’t just exclusive to Canada. It applies everywhere.

While applying via express entry program as a skilled worker can give you some hints on jobs that are suitable for you, you should be able to other opportunities. Basically, keep an eye for available jobs in Montréal.

How? Well, that brings us to our next step.

4. Job Placement Programs Online

We are in a digital age as such, it’s okay to basically seek jobs online without having to move from offices to offices seeking for vacancy.

Most organisations are also using the online platform in posting job opportunities. As such, you should be open to job placement programs online.

YES Montréal happen to work with job seekers aged 18 – 40 to find rewarding jobs. They also work with entrepreneurs and artists of any age.

Immigrant Quebec is another service that is dedicated to helping new immigrants to Montréal to find rewarding opportunities in the job sector.

5. Engage In Networking

This is pretty much simple as it gets. Believe it or not, communicating can be described as a skill. It can be as important as a survival skill. As such, you should be able to engage in networking, meeting and interacting other people to increase your chances of getting a Job in Montréal.

6. Apply For Canadian Work VISA

Being able to apply for a Canadian work visa has been made easier and can be done online, thanks to the Canada’s department of immigration.

Basically what’s required is that you scan and submit copies of the required documents needed to process your work permit. This permit is needed to be able to work freely anywhere in Canada.

Hope this helps in your quest to getting a Job in Montréal?


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