Is It Hard To Find A Job In Canada As A Foreigner?

finding a job in canada as foreigner

Are you wondering if it is hard to find a Job in Canada as a foreigner? The answer to this question has to be “YES”.

We know that is not really what you want to hear, but it is simply the hard truth. Why? Because we simply have to let you know the truth, so that you will be prepared for what you will meet in Canada.

Truth is, certain professions find it easy in the canadian worksphere. Whereas, certain professions struggle. It all comes down to how much the canadian society needs the service that your profession renders.

For example, someone looking for a job in software engineering might find it easier to get a job even as an immigrant. Why is this? Because the software engineering industry is in high demand currently. So many vacancies in Canada for the profession.

finding a job in canada as foreigner

Also, another problem you are bound to encounter when looking for a job in canada as an immigrant is that, Canadian employers so frequently request for “Canadian work experience”. This is a huge problem for new immigrants undeniably.

Getting A Job In Canada As A Foreigner

Many new immigrants have not worked in Canada before so how do they have the necessary work experience being asked of them by employers. This singular reason has caused many immigrants to lose job opportunities. So, this problem will make it hard for some immigrants to get a job in canada. So, you see why we said that it is quite hard to find a job in canada right?

So, now that you know that it is hard to find a job in Canada, half of your questions/problems have been solved. So, we will look more deeply into the reasons why it might be hard to find a job on canadian soil as an immigrant.

Below are two solid reasons why it might be tough to land a job in Canada as a foreigner. Do not despair, once you have been armed with this information, you can then know what course of action to take to increase your employability. So, use the reasons listed below to develop your strong points to land a job.

Let’s get to the reasons, shall we?

1. Your type of profession and its demand in Canada

If the supply in your career is very high, then recruitment of new employees will be low. Same goes for when the demand for career goes up, then the demand for new employees will be inevitably high. How can you check if there is enough demand for your career or profession? Just log on to canadian job search websites and search for jobs in your niche.

The amount of results you get back gives you an idea of the demand levels in the job sphere. also, demand for certain professions varies depending on the city you want to live in. So, for eample, you can find more demand for Finance and IT careers in a city like Toronto.

If you are looking for jobs in the public sector, you will find a very high demand in Ottawa. So, you might want to make sure that the city you settle in has a fair amount of demand for your profession. This makes the whole job search process very easy for you.

So, know that if you settle in a city that has high demand for your career in the job market, then it might be easy for you to find a job as an immigrant in Canada very fast. But if the demand is low, then it might be a struggle for you. But it’s not impossible.So, this is one major reason job search might prove difficult to immigrants.

2. The commonly requested condition, “Canadian Work Experience”

This is another reason why new canadian immigrants might find it hard to find a job. As a new immigrant just arriving canada, the very thing you might not have is a canadian work experience. Afterall, it is when an individual has been able to live in a place for some time that they can garner work experience in that place.

But you are just arriving! So, it’s not very fair for employers to be asking of such from you. Right? But really, that’s the common situation in canada and you might need to adjust your search to accommodate this inconvenience. How? Learn about the Canadian work culture, general culture and brush up your English language skills.

Many times when employers say you dont have enough work experience, what they really mean is that, you are yet to learn the culture, or blend in perfectly into the canadian workosphere.

So, start now and start brushing up! Also, don’t be afraid to take up jobs that are not really in your niche but will help you overcome the “experience” hurdle. You can also enroll in a Bridging program to help you master the canadian work culture so that you can better impress future employers.

So! We hope you have an idea of how finding a job in canada could be in this article. We wish you best of luck in your job search.

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