11 Jobs In Canada That Are In High Demand

In this article, we will be looking at the most available jobs in Canada or better put, the jobs with the most demand in Canada as of 2020.

Do you know that it has been estimated that one in five Canadians will be above the age of 65 by 2024? This means that many young Canadians and residents have already moved to Canada or are planning to move to Canada, you might be thinking of which job opportunities are most available for you to apply to.

Some of the jobs listed require very little skills while others are highly skilled.

You are advised to apply to the jobs that match your skillset. The biggest industries that have the highest number of job opportunities in the country are Healthcare, Social Work, and Technology Industries. So, if you are planning on looking into any industry, these industries have lots of job opportunities.

Jobs in Canada in high demand

But before you continue, you should know that as an immigrant, there are requirements to qualify to be a skilled worker and to be able to work in Canada. But let’s get to the main point of this article.

Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada

Below are jobs with the most demand in Canada.

They are;

1. Nursing(Registered)

The nursing service is of very high demand in Canada because Canada places great emphasis on good health and excellent quality of life. Also, a huge percent of the population in Canada is aging and this causes an increase in the demand for nurses.

Nurses are needed to care for older people as well as for the young population. Regardless of your location in Canada, whether North, East, West or South Canada, nursing jobs are very highly demanded. So, if you are qualified, go for it!

2. Sales Associates

The sales people are very indispensable in every industry hence the high demand for them. There is a very high demand for Sales Associates and Sales Representatives in Canada.

3. Driver

From applying to be a forklift driver, to long- haul truck drivers, to taxi cab drivers, commercial drivers of all types are in serious demand all over Canada. If you have the proper licensing and you are qualified, you should be able to find employment very easily in Canada fast.

4. Dentists

In order to qualify as a certified dentist, you need a university degree from an approved/recognized dental program. Dentists are in high demand and if you qualify to practice, you should find it easy to find a job.
In order to be a specialized dentist, you will need additional training.
The average salary for dentists in Canada is about 77,000 CAD. Usually, licensing to practice dentistry is usually given by a provincial or territorial body for regulation.


5. Welder

In terms of skilled trade, welders are the most demanded workers. And there are lots and lots of welding jobs available in Canada for you which will be great for you if you like to work with your hands. The average salary for a welder is $40,927. Welding is a job in high demand.

6. Receptionists

Receptionist jobs are another set of jobs that are very high in demand. You will need very good technology skills as well as customer service skills to excel at this job. The average salary for receptionists is $31,304. Receptionists are the first face/contact with customers.

7. Web Developers

If you are a web developer looking to immigrate into Canada, this skill could even Grant you a Canadian work permit. Web developers write codes that become websites and apps. The average hourly wage for this profession is $44 CAD. It is a highly sought after skill.

8. Industrial Electrician

A lot of the technicians in Canada are retiring and there aren’t enough young skilled electricians to replace them. The average hour wage for them is about $33.50 / hour.

9. Business Management Consultant

It is estimated that there are up to 49,300 jobs in this field in Canada. The average hourly wage is $34.62 per hour. This job is for you if you are skilled at business management and consultancy services. It is of high demand in Canada currently.

10. General Laborer

All over Canada, general laborers are highly sought after. General Laborers move equipment, clean and take on all physically demanding jobs. Average salary is $29,250.

11. HR Manager

Fully called Human Resources Manager is another high in-demand job in Canada for you.

Conclusively, these jobs listed above have high number of job postings in Canada and are considered the most indemand jobs in Canada.


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